ISO 9001

FSSC 22000




Primapack is a privately owned and truly independent company specializing in top quality flexible and paperboard packaging.

Established in 9 September 1999, Primapack rapidly progressed and today employs over 600 young, talented and highly motivated people and have a fully equipped plant featuring the most modern printing and conversion technology.

The Primapack plant and head office are in Lawang, East Java, Indonesia and there are satellite offices in both Surabaya and Jakarta.

Supplying almost every industry from personal and home care to food and industrial, domestically, nationally as well as internationally, Primapack takes pride in manufacturing packaging that are practical, stylish, innovative and environmentally responsible.

They also provide vendor manage inventory and just-in-time deliveries.


Primapack is committed to produce top quality packaging product which are also environmentally responsible.

The company implements a comprehensive quality management system, places innovation and new product research and development, constantly looks to improve their environmental management systems and actively explores ways to reduce over packaging.

Primapack is also committed to providing first class customer service. We recognize the importance of all our clients and have structures in place to ensure every one from large multi nationals to small family run companies, gets to enjoy the same high standard of personal service for our team.

Primapack believe in building mutually beneficial relationships with their clients and work along side them through the manufacturing process of their products from the research and development stage right through to warehousing and distribution.


Satisfied Customers

They Provide us with work and guarantee our business.

Good Suppliers

They facilitate competitiveness quality and reliability.

Committed Employees

They ensure top perfomance for our customers.

Speed and flexibility

These conditions enable us to fulfill our customer's high expectation.


This enable us to secure the company's future.

Environmental Awareness

Only thus we can assure a safe future for coming generations.


This is the only way to maintain the freedom for continuous development of the company.

Understanding the Market

This is that guarantees our success in the future.



Our company is consistently committed to satisfying customers and interested parties by producing innovative, high-quality packaging at competitive prices.

We work closely with suppliers and customers to meet agreed standard specifications.

With employees who are committed and competent in their respective fields, we strive to be the main partner continuously.

To achieve this goal, we will always provide employees with adequate knowledge and conduct training so that they can carry out their duties effectively.

We will comply with applicable laws and regulations.

We care about the safety, health of employees because they are our valuable human resource.

We care about the environment because it is a resource for our future generations.

Food Products Packaging Safety

Besides quality, specifically for food product packaging, we consistently produce safe packaging, in accordance with regulations and customer requirements.

We work closely with suppliers and customers to meet agreed standard specifications.

We are committed to implementing food product packaging safety system by communicating it effectively, providing regular training, receiving feedback from employees and measuring performance on activities related to food product packaging safety, so that it becomes CULTURE in the company.

We will continuously improve our quality management system and food product packaging safety.

This policy is established, implemented and kept at all departments in the company for its continuity and appropriate communication and supported by measurable goals.

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