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Spout packaging refers to flexible packaging that includes a spout or nozzle, which is an opening or dispensing feature that allows for easy pouring, dispensing, or spraying of the product. Spout packaging is commonly used for liquid and semi-liquid products such as condiments, sauces, syrups, cleaning solutions, and personal care products.


The spout feature allows for easy dispensing and accurate pouring of the product, reducing waste and mess. Spout packaging can be designed to be re-closable, allowing the consumer to use the product multiple times and keeping the product fresh.


Spout packaging comes in different sizes, shapes, and designs, and can be integrated into various types of flexible packaging such as stand-up pouches. The spout can be located on the top, side or bottom of the package. Spout packaging is a convenient and efficient packaging option for products that are used frequently and in small quantities. It is also a good option for products that are difficult to pour or dispense from traditional packaging, such as liquids and semi-liquids.

Flip Top Spout
Flip top spout make more easy to open and close your product. Flip top spout which widely used in vaious packaging application such as dairy product, beverages product, shampoo and soap product, etc.
Cheer Spout
Cheer spout is usually used for jelly drinks. It makes your product more attractive look and your customer more easily consume your product.
Screw Spout
Screw spout is a common versatile type of spout. The spout can be placed in the corner or in the middle of pouch.
Standing Spout
Standing spout is one of the special spout. The large spout shape can prop your pouch, so that the pouch can stand upright and look more attractive. This spout are applicable for sauce packaging, body care packaging, honey packaging, etc.