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Texture feel coating is a technique used in flexible packaging to create a tactile sensation on the surface of the package. This can be done by applying a coating that has a specific texture or pattern to the surface of the package. This feature be used for various purposes such as improving the grip of the package, making it easier to hold and handle, adding an aesthetic appeal to the package, and also enhancing the brand identity of the product. Texture feel coating can be applied on the surface of the package either pre-printing or post-printing.
Grip Texture

Grip texture allows you to easily hold and handle your packaging. It's what ensures that your packaging doesn't slip out of your hand and can be opened with ease.

Paper Feel Texture

Paper feel texture is designed to make packaging more appealing. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. Think about the smooth paper of a luxury product's box or the rough texture of recycled paper for an eco-friendly message.

Soft Feel Texture

Soft feel texture is designed to create a warm and inviting experience. It's often chosen for products that want to convey a sense of comfort and luxury, like high-end skincare or baby products.