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Standing Pouch

Standing Pouch packaging, also known as Stand-Up Pouches or Stand-Up Bags, is a type of packaging that involves filling a flexible pouch with a product, which then stands upright on its own thanks to a gusseted bottom. The pouch is then sealed on three or four sides to create a protective barrier around the product. Stand-up pouches are made of flexible materials such as PET, even Nylon.

Standing Pouch

Stand-up pouch packaging is often used for products such as snacks, baked goods, confectionery, and non-food items such as small toys or personal care products. It offers several advantages over other types of packaging, such as providing a large surface area for branding and labeling, being able to hold a variety of products with different shapes and sizes, and being able to stand upright on shelves which makes it easy for customers to spot and grab.